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General Electric GE 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater - 12 YR Warranty

GE SmartWater 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater. 12 year tank & parts limited warranty, 1 year full in-home service warranty. Factory installed T & P valve. Energy cutoff switch (ECO) cuts off power in excess temperature situations. Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature. 4500 watt resistored, stainless steel double elements. Requires 240 volt electricity.
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Customer Reviews for General Electric GE 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater - 12 YR Warranty
Review 1 for General Electric GE 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater - 12 YR Warranty
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
60 gal 12year tank,
February 10, 2014
from mid island BC
" Have owned this tank for 6 years now and works great!! was easy to install and have had no problems. When I went to price out one for my condo the price was lower than when I bought my old one for my house...great deal!! "
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Review 2 for General Electric GE 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater - 12 YR Warranty
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1 out of 5
1 out of 5
So far so bad,
January 16, 2012
from Guelph, ON
" I installed this water heater last night, switching from Gas. I was surprised to find, when I opened it that it has no user interface at all, not even an LED to verify that it is on.
I hooked up the 200 service with a 30AMP dual pole 220 circuit breaker on a 10/3 line.
I recharged the system and let the water run for about 5 minutes to ensure the tank was full with no air bubbles. I turned on the switch and nothing happened. Leaving it over night the water was still ice cold.
So I did some trouble shooting, reviewed the wiring, checked the reset, made sure there was power to the elements, everything checks out. So I called the support line. They pledged to get a local contractor in touch with me.
After hanging up, I checked the elements with an ohm meter, (12.5 and 12.7) that checked out. I called the 800 line again to update them that it was not an element problem and the technician first told me that they did not dispatch technicians to Canadian addresses. He then corrected himslef and said that they do indeed dispatch contractors in Canada and pledged one would be in touch within one business day. (great a day without hot water, oh well).
We discovered that they warranty period on my unit in their records actually started on the manufacture date not the purchase date so I had to send them a copy of my Home Depot bill to get that fixed.
At my wife's urging, I called them this afternoon for an update, I just got off the phone with them (3rd technician). This technician informed me that they actually do not dispatch contractors to canadian addresses but instead give a work claim number. If I hadn't called them back, I would have been waiting for a call from a contractor who didn't exist. The work claim amount is limited to $125 in labour, unless it goes over in which case I could call them to try to get an extension. I have to source a plumber/electrician who will do warranty work on my own and they have to submit a claim to Rheem to get the parts cost back.
Bottom line:
DOA Unit;
Clearly a manufacturer defect;
No Canadian warranty/service structure;
Unit has no human interface/troubleshooting, no power light;
P&T valve is on top of unit... facing different direction from drain valve (which is on the side) meaning you need to pipe one or the other an additional 180 degrees around the tank;
GE branding but Rheem support and warranty;
Heavy unit (190 lbs), must be kept upright, no usable carry points, handles etc.. (even the box handles are not for use);
I'll follow up with an update if we ever get it running...
Why is there no 0 star rating?
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Review 3 for General Electric GE 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater - 12 YR Warranty
Overall Rating -
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
GE Water heaters are very poor quality,
December 18, 2011
from Montreal
" I previously owned a GE 60GAL heater, electric, 10yr model bought from HD. At 9.5 years old I noticed rust in the hot water. I called GE service and asked them if the tank was faulty - they told me the problem was the water source and there was nothing wrong with the tank - of course I pointed out I did not have rust in my cold water (I am on city supply in Montreal so of course this response is nonsense). They then told me to replace the anode rod, it was partly rusted, so I did this. Then, a few months later the tank ruptured and I had water throughout my basement (luckly not finished basement). I called GE since the tank was less than 10 yrs old (by a few months) but was told by GE that the problem was the water source and not covered by warrantee. This appears to be their standard response - GE does not actually honor their warrantee and their customer service was terrible - a complete joke. Since I was in hurry to replace the tank I went to HD and bought another, this time a GE 12yr tank. That was stupid of course, but I needed a new tank quickly. There is something wrong with this tank. I have cranked the tank temperature all the way up but it runs out of hot water much faster than the old tank (same 60 GAL capacity) and takes longer to reheat. So based on the post above I'm starting to think one of the heating elements is bad. My experience with GE was terrible and I would never recommend their products to anyone - mostly because they do not honor their warrantee and just make excuses on the phone, they are completely unhelpful and basically you speak to someone who is trained to read script and not actually help. "
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Review 4 for General Electric GE 60 Gallon Electric Water Heater - 12 YR Warranty
Overall Rating -
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Both heating elements failed prematurely,
May 8, 2011
from Ottawa, ON
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" In the unit I purchased, and self-installed, both heating elements burned out at the same time within a few weeks of installation. I bought this unit to replace another vendor's heater that leaked after 7 years of service.
GE tech at toll-free number walked me through trouble-shooting; identified both elements were bad, and arranged to ship two new heating elements to me. Unfortunately, shipping takes about a week. So as we needed hot water (family of six), I had to purchase two heating elements @ Home Depot in order to get hot water back quickly.
Visual inspection of the original heating elements would indicate to me that they failed internally, and, in my opinion, failed as a result of a manufacturing or material quality defect. See photos attached.
I am ofcourse very skeptical now about getting 12 years service out of this unit... "
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Response from Home Depot:By HDNovember 22, 2011
Thank you for your product review. Here is what we have determined could have happened, in no particular order:

1) Dry fired – was the unit started up with no water inside tank?
2) Wrong gauge of wire to unit – were all codes and standards followed?
3) Wrong size breaker
4) Defective elements
5) Excessive hard water – was there a water softener installed?

All of these could have lead to a tank failure and would have resulted in the pictures that were provided.

This tank does have a 12 year tank and parts warranty which will cover any further challenges. Depending on maintenance and water conditions your tank should run for many trouble free years.

If you would like to discuss further please send an e-mail to hdca_email@homedepot.com.

Thank you,
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