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RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw

The RIDGID 7-1/4 In. Wormdrive Saw has a 51.5 degree bevel capacity to provide more flexibility during cuts, and a heavy-duty worm gear construction for higher torque and power. The left side blade provides a clear view of cut line and the 15 AMP motor offers optimum power. Durable and lightweight, it features a 24-tooth carbide blade for smooth cuts and a high strength aluminum base for added durability. Also features: spindle lock for easy blade changing; externally accessible brushes for convenience; high visibility scales for easy reading; and oversized levers for easier depth and bevel settings. A heavy-duty 12 foot all rubber cord offers increased resilience. Includes saw, blade, wrench, and dipstick.
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Customer Reviews for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Review 1 for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Best saw ever.,
November 14, 2013
from Trail, BC
" I've had other saws in the past, but this one is the best by far. It's a little heavier than the others. The first thing I would do is replace the saw blade with a thin kerf blade. Doing that turns this saw into a pleasure to use. "
How would you rate your home improvement expertise?Handyman
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Review 2 for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Quiet, powerful, accurate and fun to use,
November 5, 2012
from Alert Bay BC
" I took a long time to decide on this purchase. I was torn between the Mikita magnesium circular saw and Ridgid magnesium circular or this worm drive model. It seems all my hand power tools are either Mikita or Ridgid. Based on all comments I decided on the Ridgid worm drive and am not disappointed. It feels a little heavy but not when sawing. I find it very quiet compared to my previous circular saw and really nice to use. The first few cuts were rough till I got on to using a worm drive saw but I like the blade on the left of the saw and can see the line better. I was worried it may drop off at the end of small cuts with less of a base on the board but I have had no problems at all. This is my first worm drive and I love it. With Ridgids quality I will not have to buy another. "
How would you rate your home improvement expertise?Do-It-Yourself
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Review 3 for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Overall Rating -
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Super tool but weak manual for first time users,
March 17, 2011
from Sudbury, Ontario
" This is my fourth RIDGID tool. I’ve got the portable table saw with the collapsible stand, a cordless drill, the router kit and now this wormdrive saw. I've also got a wet/dry vac - what a super vacuum machine. It beats, hands down, the other ones that I used to have made by a major manufacturer.
Now, for the saw...
I was excited when I opened the box & took out the saw itself. She certainly looks good.
I’ve got four issues with RIDGID about this product though these issues wouldn’t have stopped me from buying it. With some persistence & a few more dollars of 'investment', these issues become naught.
First, when I read the parts list and looked for all four parts (blade, etc) I could only find the blade and the manual. I had to search for the hex wrench to tighten the blade and the oil dipstick. Of course, eventually I found them but it was disappointing that the instructions weren't more complete as they are with my portable table saw and my router.
Second, the manual says that the saw needs a 6mm hex wrench to open the plug for checking the oil. The actual size is bigger than 6mm. A 1/4" hex wrench fits and works but fits loosely. I will have to find a larger metric or SAE hex wrench for the appropriate slot.
Third, in order to open the cover for the motor brushes, the manual tells us that we need a Torx screwdriver in order to loosen the outside cover screws. It doesn't indicate the size of Torx driver needed. Since I don't know which size of Torx driver I need and I don't have a variety of sizes of torx screwdrivers, am I going to be forced to purchase a multi-sized set of these? It would be somewhat a waste of money because Torx drivers are rarely needed, never mind a whole range of sizes of those drivers. I don’t even remember ever needing a Torx screwdriver.
Fourth, it would be great if RIDGID had a case/bag for the saw. My drill and router both have carrying bags as do pretty well all of my other tools (Craftsman, Mastercraft and B&D). I know that there aren’t a whole lot of loose parts for the saw but, still, it’d be good to have a case/bag so as to protect the saw when storing it & to help in transport the saw and any other items that I may have with it (an extra blade or two, the hex wrench & Torx driver, oil, etc.).
Aside from these three non-fatal issues, if the saw is like my other RIDGID tools, I’m confident that it'll be a good one.
Bottom line, RIDGID, please have a more complete and more accurate manual for this saw.
I'd give the saw a 4 1/2 for this but the scale doesn't have that option so I gave it a 4. "
How would you rate your home improvement expertise?Do-It-Yourself
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Review 4 for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Excellent saw,
September 22, 2010
" This saw is totally worth the money. I got it on sale from someone's return and it is totally awesome. "
Review 5 for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Ridgid for the win.,
December 23, 2007
from Mississauga, ON
" As a carpenter I've had the pleasure of using many different worm-gear/hypoid style circ saws.
Without exception they all perform very similarly when new. I've owned and used a makita hypoid, a skil mag77 and now a ridgid r3210.
it is the best of the lot for the following reasons:
1, it is lighter, at about 15lbs, it DOES make a difference.
2, Accuracy the base is SPOT on, out of the box and after a few lumps and bumps is still bang on. my mag 77 is also good like this, my makita hypoid not so much (why it was replaced)
3, little features, like the rafterhook, I had to install an aftermarket on my mag77 and makita.
4, The lighted cord end, 1, I know when the power goes out, also it makes it easier to identify in lower light conditions.
5, the cord wrap another inovative ridgid idea, I love it on my angle grinder, and I love it on my circ saw. SAFTEY NOTICE wrap the thing up before you use the saw.
6, the length of the cord.
It is like they took all the things that were perfect about the mag 77, fixed a few that werent, added the extra features we all wanted, and boom, its a new classic.
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Review 6 for RIDGID Magnesium Wormdrive Circular Saw
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Rigid Worm Drive,
March 1, 2007
" The rigid worm drive is fairly lite. I enjoy it way better then a regular framing Circular saw. I am currently use a Skilsaw worm drive, that is what got me into the style of circular saw. I like the worm drive for the reach you have while cutting in any possition, wheather up in the trusses or just sheating the floor, x-walls or roof. Now the rigid has a little clip on it as you know..... I love it, you can hook it on to anything and you don't have to worry about get into small awkward places and the saw beeing in the way. You can place/hook it on something and then come back to it its great and its safer for your co-workers under you. I also love the current lights on the end of the cord. Well thats all. Talk to you next reveiw..... "
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