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DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone

Remove silicone in a snap with this liquid silicone remover. Also perfect for cleaning up areas where unwanted silicone has cured.
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Customer Reviews for DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone
Review 1 for DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone
Overall Rating -
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
March 17, 2012
" Doesn't work as described. As instructions indicate I removed as much silicone as possible prior to application of Silicone-be-Gone. I really only had a very thin film left to remove.
Applied product as instructed, waited 2 hours. Tried to remove the silicone residue - nothing / nadda / zip. I may try another application, but as it didn't even phase the silicon on the first, not sure I see much use.
I suppose this product is intended to break the bond of the silicone to the tile, or tub etc. Not to actually dissolve the silicone (don't think you can really do that). In any case Silicone-be Gone didn't do either.
One thing it did do an excellent job at was to stain my grout. That better come out with more washings!!!!!!! With that in mind this product didn't save me work, it may have caused me more.
I suggest you spend your money elsewhere. "
Review 2 for DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone
Overall Rating -
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Sorta kinda works?,
January 9, 2012
from Cal
" After scrubbing/scraping for quite awhile I was left with a thin layer of silicone after the removal of the shower doors in a rental suite. I read the reviews prior to purchasing it. Thinking to myself "I'm sure there are more satisfied people than the negative comments I see here. My problem will be easily solved and I can leave a successful comment."
Well I left this jam looking goop on the bathtub ledge for an hour and a half (30 minutes less than the recommendation). I had to leave, so I figured I'd remove it and see if it worked. Well...it kinda did.
I washed the area...still silicone left...darn. Pulled out the trust razor blade...and scrapped it off. So honestly maybe it worked and loosened it up so I could scrape it off. But I would have expected to just wipe it off as indicated on the package.
The problem got solved, so that was the thing that mattered. I just think you have to go in expecting it to only kinda sorta work as indicated. "
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Review 3 for DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone
Overall Rating -
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
money down the drain,
June 15, 2011
" 2 rounds on 5 year old silicone - does not soften it, does not lift it - would give it 0 Stars if I could... back to scraping "
Review 4 for DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone
Overall Rating -
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Does the trick,
November 2, 2008
" This product worked as advertised and eliminated a sloppy silicone trim from my kitchen backsplash. The trick is to be patient, I only needed to soak the solution for one hour at a time but did three applications. Scraped after the first application then wiped with paper towel the other two times.
Highly recommended. "
Review 5 for DAP 90ML, Silicone-Be-Gone
Overall Rating -
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Didn't work at all,
January 7, 2008
from Vancouver, BC
" Tried using it to remove old silicone from my bathtub as well as new silicone from my kitchen sink install and it didn't work at all on either application. It was hard to apply, and just plain didn't work even after following directions closely. Should have taken it back, but lost my receipt. "
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